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A phone support service for Australian veterans.

We're ready for a cuppa and a conversation.

MateLine is for anyone who needs to reconnect or just wants a chat.

All conversations with MateLine are anonymous (this is not a crisis service) and our friendly volunteers call a few times a week for a yarn and to share a story or two.

Register for MateLine.

To register for this service, you can register your phone number below. Please note that we will not ask for your name or any other information.


Terms of Use

  • This is not a crisis service
  • This support line is operated by volunteers who are screened and trained
  • Please be respectful and friendly to the volunteers you are speaking with
  • All conversations are anonymous and confidential
  • Volunteers take a no-tolerance approach to any offensive remarks and will terminate the conversation if this occurs
  • Conversations may be limited in duration depending on demand
  • You must be 18 years or older to use this service
  • No personally identifiable information is actively captured by this service